About Us - Update 2022

Hello from the Transform Treasure workshop!  My name is Lukas, and this is our family.  As you can see since our last update our boys are growing faster than we can buy new pants!  Life changes at a rapid pace with three spirited boys in the house.  Even though she is outnumbered four to one, Denise is still our glue that keeps us from falling apart at the seams.

Transform Treasure has steadily grown just like our family since we started just over five years ago.  Just this last week sign number 20,000 was officially put into stock.  What an honor and blessing it has been for me to make that milestone and reflect on all the great customers who have purchased them. 

The vision of Transform Treasure has not changed since the original story of wanting to make toy trucks for my boys.  That passion fuels making unique well-crafted signs at an affordable price for everyone to enjoy and treasure. 

Thank you for visiting our site and be blessed!