About Us

Hello! I'm Lukas, and these are my two boys, Graham and Jax. The idea for this company started from a project with Graham. We always loved building stuff together, so one Me and my boysday we handmade some model trucks. I saw how much he loved them and I knew how much fun I had making them for him. This sparked an idea. I thought to myself, If I bought a CNC machine I could make model truck kits so that dads and their sons could bond while building something together. I told my wife I wanted to buy this machine. She was alright with it until I told her the cost. It took some convincing, but I ended up ordering it. Once I got the machine, I realized this was much bigger than model trucks. All of a sudden I started making things for family and friends, all the while I was taking interview after interview in search of a job after a recent layoff. My passion for making things with my son turned into a small business that helps families like yours have something they will treasure forever.