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  • $39.95

The wooden plaque, with its smooth finish and rounded edges, emanates a soothing tactile appeal. It is a testament to the enduring allure of fishing and serves as a timeless reminder of the joy and tranquility found in the embrace of nature. Whether displayed in a cozy cabin, a lakeside retreat, or a fishing enthusiast's den, this intricately carved masterpiece captures the essence of the "reel life" and beckons all who see it to embrace the serenity and excitement of the open waters . At the center of the plaque, the phrase "reel life" takes prominence, evoking a sense of passion and devotion to the art of fishing. The carved letters are bold and well-defined, their edges accentuated with a delicate touch.

As with all rustic engraved wood signs there is some natural distressing, tool marks, and imperfection. All signs are made out of pine. For easy hanging, a slot has been routed into the back of each sign that allows flush mounting.

Color: Brown Stain with Natural wood carved images.

Sizes: Each Sign is: Height: 9.25“ Width: 14“ Thickness: 3/4”

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